Urgent Fundraising Appeal


Rehoming Retired Greyhounds (Scotland) Ltd is a charity that was founded with the sole purpose of helping ex-racing greyhounds find forever homes. Our charity is run entirely voluntarily, meaning that all the money we raise goes directly to helping Greyhounds. We are proud to say that we have rehomed around 85 Greyhounds a year since we began.

With taking on this responsibility, there are many things we need to do as volunteers; we need to provide temporary accommodation for Greyhounds who have just retired, keep them fed (we use high quality, raw food), and of course, get them ready to be matched with their potential forever families. This process usually involves neutering, vaccinations and, in some cases, dental work and other medical requirements they may have.

Unfortunately, in some cases, we face significant costs associated with helping these beautiful dogs find a comfortable retirement. To give you an idea, last month’s Vet bill exceeded £7000. As a small charity, we are funded by the generosity of your donations, fundraising events, sales from our humble shop and in some cases, we struggle to make ends meet.

March was a tough month for us for several reasons; we had dogs requiring more medical attention, general costs rising, and we were faced with a heartbreaking situation in the form of two elderly Greyhounds needing homes.

Both of these beautiful dogs were rehomed in 2015, sadly, the owner’s circumstances had changed, and he could no longer accommodate them. When these two Greyhounds were returned to us, they had not had the retirement we had hoped for. Both Greyhounds, one male and one female, were significantly underweight and had their teeth neglected for many years. This neglect led to 18 tooth extractions between the two (their teeth were loose, causing significant pain at this point).

Rehoming elderly Greyhounds is a difficult task, especially ones that require medical support, so we felt it was best to put both dogs out to be kept in a foster situation with our volunteers. Unfortunately, after 5-weeks in a foster home, the male Greyhound had to be put to sleep due to aggressive shoulder cancer. We have been told this is associated with a low-quality diet. Not only was this heartbreaking for us (especially for our fantastic volunteer who took him in), but the costs were not negligible either.

Working with animals is an emotional rollercoaster, and we all do what we do for the mutual admiration and love of Greyhounds. We would be heartbroken if we could not continue due to the associated costs.

With all of this in mind, we kindly ask you to donate to our urgent fundraising campaign, as without your help, we may not be able to continue our work.