A BIG thank you to everyone who attended our 2022 Great Global Greyhound Walk, we had a fantastic day and we broke our record with 104 Greyhounds! 

We hope everyone had a very enjoyable day with us for our 2022 Great Global Greyhound walk! It was amazing seeing so many people and even more importantly so many greyhounds! 

We managed to raise over £1000 through the barbecue, raffle, shop sales and donations so on behalf of all of the volunteers here at Rehoming Retired Greyhounds Edinburgh – Thank you, we couldn’t do it without you! 

Here’s a video of our YouTube superstars, Magnus and Scout enjoying the walk! Thank you to Derek for the video, please don’t forget to subscribe to the Magnus Greyhound YouTube Channel!

We look forward to our next event at Christmas time however please feel free to join us every Sunday (weather permitting) at 10 am for our walk! 

Here’s some photos from our wonderful Great Global Greyhound Walk: