Meet some of of our happily
rehomed Greyhounds


"Myles is settling in great as part of our family, he’s such a character, A huge thank you for everything you have done for us, you are so appreciated".


"This is Billy who I fostered in October 2018. I already had a cheeky 3 legged greyhound and didn't want another dog. He'd had a hard life and was terrified when he came to me from the vets. Ears tight to his head and no light in his eyes. He would only eat at the living room door and I gradually moved his feeding stations into the kitchen beside Leah's. I cared for him but didn't do the eye contact thing as I really didn't want 2 dogs.

After 2 months his eyes lit up and his ears relaxed and I knew I couldn't put him through the trauma of rehoming. I love my big gentle boy to bit's. He has a great funny personality and a head fully off phobias and fears,  but he's happy with me and Leah and he feels safe.  When I sent Alison the text to say I would adopt him I believe she did cartwheels around her house. I'm so pleased I kept him and to me this is what rehoming is all about. Making a greyhound happy developing their personality and showering them with love. "



Cassie was recently adopted. "She's doing really well and settling in to her new life with us. She is gradually growing in confidence and with that we are starting to see her personality come through.  She loves walks and is handling traffic, journeys in the car and other dogs exceptionally well. She's incredibly calm and easy going. She really is all we hoped she would be".


We adopted Stan at retirement, aged 4 in September 2018.

He's a very large, yet quiet boy who loves his walks and being brushed.

He especially enjoys caravan holidays with his humans around the UK coast, where he can spend his days on the beach.

Stan won "Best in Show" at the Scottish Greyhound Gathering in 2019


Luna Longbottom

In her heyday she was known as Alnwick Esme, her adopted name Luna Longbottom, loony to her best friends.

She is beautifully gentle with everyone including all dogs and is exceptionally patient with puppies, although a real menace to any kamikaze squirrels or suicidal rabbits that stray into her path before dinner time. She has a discerning pallet preferring fresh chicken breasts, game meat and any meaty off-cuts to her raw food where possible. Due to being totally spoilt she prefers sprats and meaty treats to standard dog treats but will do anything for a biscuit. Everyone else’s treats are of course snaffled where profited.

A very clever girl she learns tricks in just a few nights and knows exactly how to communicate her needs to her parents. She may look elegant but is a total goofball and has enjoyed playing with toys from the start, especially her bouncy squeaky balls! She LOVES gardening and joins in if she  sees us weeding and loves a wee paddle in the sea.

She is the light of our life, spending every day with her is a joy and we can’t imagine a home without her. We hope you like the pics, these are a sample of thousands!


My lovely girl Evie adopted from Edinburgh on 25 February 2018. She’s become the most adorable, loving family pet for us.
She’s often very cheeky and makes us laugh daily and loves being cuddled and giving the best cuddles back. She adores my grandsons and especially her best ever buddy Taylor who’s doing his exercises with her in the photo. They have an extremely beautiful bond and she enjoys the school run.
Best ever decision I made to adopt this gorgeous girl and bring her home. She is just a joy to have around and love her to bits.
You won’t ever regret giving a loving greyhound a home. They’re just the best!!
Lovely woodland walk with mum and Evie doing her exercise with her buddy.


Jimmy adopted us 9 months ago and I can't imagine our life without him he settled really well adjusted to retirement like a pro took all the new experiences in his stride with lots of love and encouragement and treats. In the first week he came home he stole some steak that I had left on the kitchen counter to cool. So now whenever it's steak for tea there's always a wee extra bit for Jim. Greyhounds make such fantastic pets they are gentle, lovable and a just wee bit cheeky sometimes!


Tia was adopted in November 2016. She was a feisty wee 3 year old girl.  She settled in with myself (Sheila) and husband Roddy very quickly.  She got on famously with my grandchildren, especially Matthew.  She loves all the family and welcomes them into the household.  She likes  my sisters rescue Tara.

Loves her holidays in Aaran, going for long walks and is always admired - quite rightly too!!

Likes to chase squirrels and deer but is not fond of small dogs.  She is a joy to me and I love her to bits.  She's never off lead, I did try at the beginning but her recall is non-existent!


This is Leah.  In 2017 she broke her back leg, she was just 2 years old, it couldn't be saved and had to be amputated.  Having just lost my beautiful Rocky to cancer I agreed to foster Leah whilst she recovered.  I first met her at ICR Vets in Loanhead, I used to go into her kennel and sit with her, drink my coffee and get to know her and she me.

When she was well enough she came home and settled very quickly.  She's a character with a capital C.  Full of life and loves everyone and everything, apart from the car - she hates that!!  Her nickname is Princess Leah the mouse slayer (you can guess why) because of her antics with a mouse!!!

Her 'Foster' turned into a proper rehoming and I have no regrets.

This photo is her proud face as she has just disembowelled a toy!  She does this to all her toys.

When Billy came to stay she accepted him into the household but the are not bosom pals.


So I have 2 greyhounds, one physically traumatised and one emotionally traumatised but I wouldn't change either of them.

They have both in their way helped me through lockdown.  It's so rewarding to take a older or damaged greyhound and watch their individual personalities emerge.